Cyber Security – Essential Eight

Do you comply with the Essential Eight?

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Have you heard of the Essential Eight?

If you haven’t, your current IT provider may not be providing you with total Cyber Security Services.

What are the Essential Eight?

The Essential Eight are the recommended cyber strategies for businesses by the Australian government.

Below is a short translation of the Essential Eight from Tech language to Lay terms.

The mitigation strategies that constitute the Essential Eight are:

1. application control

Restrict applications to decrease the risk of cyber hacks to your business data.

2. patch applications

To fix known issues or fault in your software.

3. configure Microsoft Office macro settings

Remove the risk of accidental or unwanted access to sensitive content.

4. user application hardening

Lower the risk from required applications being exploited.

5. restrict administrative privileges

Prevent accidental damage to your network from unapproved applications or setting changes.

6. patch operating systems

Lower the risk of a vulnerability being exploited causing exposure or damage to your data and systems.

7. multi-factor authentication

An added security layer to access your data, applications or systems.

8. regular backups

The ability to recover before a cyber event occured.

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